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2703 9th Ave NW
Rochester, MN 55901




demo Worship at Holy Cross is led by worship teams, utilizing vocals, rhythm section, and frequently, wind instruments. We are continually developing our worship music so that we can truly make God's praise glorious (Psalm 66:2), worship Him in spirit and in truth (John 4:23), and sing new songs to Him (Psalm 98:1). Click for Details


RCLS demo

Rochester Central Lutheran School

...is supported by an association of Rochester LCMS churches:  Trinity, Holy Cross, Grace, and Family Of Christ.

To help ensure that the entire resources of the Body are used where they are needed most, at Holy Cross, our tuition assistance is needs-based.   Click to apply.


Deadling for 2015-16 school year is May 15!




Sunday Worship
9:30 AM
Sunday Connecting Hour

Maundy Thursday Worship 6:30
Good Friday 6:30

Ressurection Sunday:
Breakfast 8:30-11:30
Worship 9:30

Full Lent Schedule Here





Our mission at Holy Cross Lutheran Church is Helping People Become Fully Alive in Jesus. Our vision focuses on what “helping people become fully alive in Jesus” will look like among us in the months and years ahead. What we will see is the people of Holy Cross showing people the way to Jesus, sharing with people the truth of Jesus and celebrating with people the life of Jesus.



Our youth ministries exist to reach teens with the message of Jesus, connect them with other Christians, and help them to grow fully alive in Jesus.  Regular Wednesday evening "Nightlife!", summer mission trips, worship teams, and other opportunities await you at Holy Cross, members and guests alike!


Our children's ministries are centered around our KidzAlive Sunday morning programming for Pre-K through grade 6.  We make extensive use of music, experiential lessons, and puppet ministries. 



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Helping People Become Fully Alive In Jesus