Shepherding is a special gift God gives to certain members of the body of Christ to shepherd, guide, protect and spiritually feed believers for their long-range spiritual welfare.

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Opportunities for Service:

Board of Elders

 The Board of Elders consists of twelve men who take on the responsibility of spiritual care and promote spiritual health along with our Pastor for the congregation. As the need arises for this large responsibility, this board may call on others who have the desire to shepherd portions of the congregation. They supervise in matters of church discipline and spiritual care giving. The Board of Elders receive direction from, but also assist the called staff. Elders report to the Executive Council and Voters' Assembly. They should possess good communication skills of listening and sharing concerns. In addition, they support the activities of the sanctioned societies and organizations active in this congregation. The term of service is 3 years.

Board of Personnel

 The Board of Personnel provides for the needs of the Holy Cross staff. This Board is concerned with our staffing model here at Holy Cross. Are we using our staff in the most efficient way possible? This Board uses the shepherding gift as a means of support to the staff as they keep in mind the spiritual care needed by the staff. The term of service is one year.

Small Group Leader

 Adult Bible Fellowship groups at Holy Cross are small in-home groups of 3-12 people meeting on a regular basis for the purpose of Bible study, fellowship, prayer, and service. A minimum of three wonderful things will result from participation in an Adult Bible Fellowship group. First, you will experience individual spiritual growth. Second, you will have an opportunity to get well acquainted with a group of Holy Cross members. Finally, there will be a natural support system for each other.

Confirmation Mentor

 A confirmation guide serves as a mentor to a small group (4-6) of confirmation students. This person is present at each confirmation class session, interacting with the confirmands as directed. Confirmation guides also schedule fellowship and local servant event activities during the year. This ministry is very relational in nature. Training and guidance are supplied to all who participate as Confirmation Guides.

Please contact if you would like more information on any of the following opportunities.