Leadership is a special gift God gives to certain members of the body of Christ to direct the people of God with great perseverance, motivating them to move forward to accomplish goals and objectives by involving them in delegated ministries.

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info@holycross-church.org if you would like more information on any of the following opportunities.

Opportunities for Service:

Board and Committee Chair and Chair Elect Positions

 Much of the ministry at Holy Cross is overseen by boards and committees. Chairs of boards and committees lead for one year, or until the goal is accomplished. If a chair-elect position is in place, that person becomes the chair after the next election.

Corporate Officers

 Holy Cross has 4 corporate officers that are a part of the Executive Council. They include the President of the Congregation, Vice President of the Congregation, Secretary and Treasurer.

Small Group Bible Study Leader

 Each Adult Bible Fellowship Small Group Bible Study needs to have a trained leader. The leader will facilitate the Bible study, the discussion, and the time of prayer. The leaders are also called upon to encourage their group in acts of service.

Small Group Apprentice Leader

 So that our Adult Bible Fellowship Small Groups will be ongoing, each group is to have an apprentice leader who is involved with "on the job training" as a future leader of a Adult Bible Fellowship Group.

Sunday School Leadership

 Our Sunday School functions the best with strong leadership. Holy Cross has co-Sunday School Superintendents and a Mission Coordinator. The superintendents order curriculum, arrange for teachers and rooms, develop schedules, and plan for training. The mission coordinator chooses mission projects and promotes these projects to the Sunday School and congregation.

Sunday Morning Bible Study Leader

 We at Holy Cross are always encouraging members to use their spiritual gifts which can impact a wide variety of people. Sunday Morning Bible Study is one of those opportunities. Bible study leaders are facilitators of the course material so that discussion and understanding are in good proportion.

Youth NightLife Small Group Leaders

 Each Wednesday evening, our youth NightLife (6:00-9:00) includes a small group setting for youth. These small groups need adult and youth leaders.

Please contact info@holycross-church.org if you would like more information on any of the following opportunities.