Giving is a special gift God gives to certain members of the body of Christ to willingly and joyfully share material blessings with others and large percentages of their income for the Lord's work.

Please contact if you would like more information on any of the following opportunities.

Opportunities for Service:

Current Special Needs

 Frequently, the church has special projects that need financial assistance. Please contact our Pastor, Director of Worship, or Director of Youth . . . for further information on any special needs. You can use the above email address for any request and it will be routed to the correct individual.

Bibles for Third Grade Sunday School

 Each year in September the third grade Sunday School class receives a Bible. We have been providing a Bible designed with helps for elementary age children in the NIV translation. Funding for this purpose is an ongoing need.

RCLS Tuition Assistance

 Not all families desiring to send their children to RCLS can cover all of the financial needs of tuition. RCLS has a special fund that they use to assist families with tuition costs. Families use an application to qualify for this tuition assistance. If you would like to help families that need tuition assistance, you can designate your gift to go to the RCLS Tuition Assistance Fund.

Good Samaritan Fund

 Pastor has a special fund for helping those in need in our congregation and community. As the needs arise, these funds are distributed. We work closely with the Salvation Army in assessing needs and finding the best way to meet those needs. Providing funds for this account is an ongoing need.

VBS and Sunday School Supplies

 Providing consumable materials for our VBS and Sunday School education programs is frequently mentioned in Bulletin messages and the Fully Alive newsletter. You might want to plan on providing for these items as the needs are shared.

Missions Matching Funds

 The Board of Missions and Evangelism budgets mission dollars to be matched by congregational donations designated for specific missions. The Board will choose certain projects during the year and then publicize those opportunities to the congregation. These special mission gifts can be placed in the offering of any service inside of an envelope and designated for the specific mission.

Youth Partners Program

 Each summer, Holy Cross provides extraordinary opportunities for growth in the faith life of our young people, as they travel to serve in some other community. Youth Partners is a way of supporting specific youth in their Holy Cross sponsored travels of service around the country during the summer.

Please contact if you would like more information on any of the following opportunities.