Spiritual Gifts Inventory

The following is a way for you to help discover your gifts, in anticipation of putting them to the best use for Jesus. The names of the gifts are listed below the sentences, and clicking on each brings up some information on where that gift might be put to use at Holy Cross.

Please rank the top 6 of the following that you feel best describe you, making #1 the highest, and so on.

You can also just go immmediately to This Link to volunteer for various serving opportunities here at Holy Cross.

_____ 1. I like to organize ideas, time, things and people for more effective results. I like to plan and administer programs that will be of benefit to others. I can delegate important responsibilities to other people. I am able to set goals and objectives, and then make plans to reach them. Administration

_____ 2. (A) - I receive much joy from working with my hands on various arts and crafts. I find that my skills in building and/or repairing objects benefit others. (B) - I enjoy the work necessary for gardening, landscaping, and other projects. I find joy in having a beautiful lawn, shrubs, and flowers that are properly placed and maintained. Craftsmanship

_____ 3. I like and feel comfortable sharing with others how God has changed my life. It is easy for me to talk to other people about life and/or spiritual matters. Evangelism

_____ 4. I am able to share words of encouragement with those who are struggling in life. When important decisions need to be made, I sense a confidence in God's guidance. If one of my friends is faced with a problem, I try to help him sort out what God's will is for him. I often share words of comfort, cheer, or encouragement with others. Exhortation

_____ 5. I am able to provide food and/or lodging graciously and willingly to people who are in need. When people visit me at home, I try to make them feel welcome. Hospitality

_____ 6. When I am asked to pray for others, I feel confident that my prayers will be heard. I take prayer requests seriously. I regard prayer as my most important spiritual exercise. Intercession

_____ 7. I enjoy doing things to comfort people during sickness or times of problems and/or anxiety. I enjoy helping and working with those who seem to be neglected, and with those less fortunate than I. My service to others does not depend on receiving a Thank You.Mercy

_____ 8. When I am involved in a musical activity, I feel a great sense of joy. I would enjoy being in a music presentation. In the area of music, I enjoy performing alone, or in a group. I enjoy using my musical talents for the appreciation of my friends and to the glory of God. Music

_____ 9. I appreciate being called on to do things for other people. When other people ask me to lend a helping hand, I feel special. I respond cheerfully when asked to do a job, even if it seems menial. I prefer following directions to being the person in charge. Service

______ 10. I enjoy relating to a group of people, sharing personally in their successes and failures. I feel comfortable in leading a small group in Bible study. I enjoy being in a small group of people and showing care and concern for them. Shepherding

_____ 11. I feel that I can communicate Biblical truths. I find it rewarding to teach people more about the Lord, and to help others to understand Scriptures. I enjoy teaching children or adults about God's love. Teaching

_____ 12. When I use my ability to write, I hope others will learn and grow from it. I find pleasure in composing and writing paragraphs and stories for others. I am able to put my thoughts and ideas into positive, written form so as to benefit those who read them. Writing

_____ 13. I trust God to guide me even when I try the impossible. I can quickly sense if an idea is right or wrong based on the truth of God's Word or the error of man's thinking. I often seek the motives of a person and look beneath their words. Discernment

_____ 14. I find myself willingly providing time and energy so that projects and emergency needs get accomplished. I enjoy working with others and doing tasks which free others for different ministries. If people are facing a crisis, I enjoy assisting them. Helps

_____ 15. I find real joy in contributing generously for the Lord's work. At a time of crisis, when financial needs are required, I accept the opportunity to contribute. I look forward to giving more to the Lord as He has blessed me. Giving

_____ 16. I look forward to the challenge of reading and studying a difficult book of the Bible. I enjoy studies which examine the hard teachings of the Bible. I have been a successful student during my education career. Knowledge

_____ 17. I find great satisfaction in having others follow me in performing a task. When working in a group, I am looked upon for guidance and direction. People seem to enjoy following me in doing important tasks. Leadership

Once you have done this, you can Click Here to volunteer for various serving opportunities here at Holy Cross.