This Week at Holy Cross … 

                        January 21-28, 2018


My Verse to Reflect on this Week …


Whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through him to God the Father.  (Colossians 3:17)


Helping People Become Fully Alive in Jesus!



to Jesus;

SHARING the Truth

of Jesus;

CELEBRATING the Life with Jesus.




Ø  What has God put into your heart concerning His Son? 

Ø  What has God put into your heart concerning your relationship to your fellow-believers at Holy Cross? What has God put into your heart concerning your giving and serving at Holy Cross? 

Ø  What does it look like to give and/or live to honor the Lord?   

Ø  How could you more fully demonstrate that you love, trust and honor the Lord Jesus in your daily personal life?  As a partner and fellow-worker in the Gospel at Holy Cross? 





Monday – Mark 10:35-45

Tuesday –  Mark 10:46-52

Wednesday –  Mark 11:1-11

Thursday –  Mark 11:12-10

Friday –  Mark 11:20-26

Saturday – Mark 11:27-33 






Today we recognize and give thanks to another group of people who faithfully serve the Lord at Holy Cross. Our Treasurer—Roger Lindahl, Board of Finance (Chair-Ken Schultz & Vice Chair-Jay Gatzlaff), Finance Administrator-Laurie Happel, Elders, Ushers and Financial Secretaries.  Together they provide a system of checks and balances to ensure all of our finances are handled with integrity and used for the Lord’s purposes and to His glory.  We don’t want anyone to find fault with the way we handle your generous gift. But we want to do what pleases the Lord and what people think is right.  (2 Corinthians 8:20-21) 



Our Annual Meeting will be held next Sunday, January 28.  This is a time to gather for fellowship, celebrate the blessings of God upon us at Holy Cross, and ask the Lord’s blessing on the year ahead.  We will begin with a Pot-Luck meal in the Parish Hall following the Connecting Hour.  Our meeting will include: Presentation of our Financial Ministry Plan for 2018, election of leaders, and adoption of the Statements of Belief (see next announcement). 

Indicate how you will participate on today’s Connection Card.



The purpose of this document is to respond to recent Supreme Court decisions, cultural changes and legal challenges that are contrary to God’s Word and that may jeopardize our freedoms of religion and expression in the United States of America.  Because of this, congregations, schools and ministries of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod have been
advised to adopt statements of belief that address these decisions and changes.  An email with a link to the document was sent to all members of Holy Cross.  Printed copies are available on the Resource Table in the front entry.  Statements of Belief will be presented to the congregation for adoption at the Annual Meeting on Sunday, January 28


Nehemiah: A Heart That Can Break

Nehemiah's heart was so broken for those in need that he left the comfort of his Persian palace to help them. This women's evening Bible study will begin on January 22 @ 6:30 in the Holy Cross library. The 7-week study is written by Kelly Minter. If you are interested in joining the group please contact Lynn Boger, and a book will be ordered for you. 



Saint's Alive Announces a January Movie Night RESCHEDULED!

Saint's Alive, a segment of our congregation who for the most part are in the 50+ age range, is planning a movie and refreshments night on January 28th. Refreshments will be provided. The short movie introduces a key personality in early 20th century history with a Rochester connection. You may want to re-watch the movie "Field of Dreams" to get a hint. This event on January 14th begins at 7:00pm in the Parish Hall.



Did you know that on the fourth Friday of each month Holy Cross serves people who are homeless and in need of God’s caring presence in their lives?  Individuals, families and groups of friends are encouraged to help serve the 6:00p evening meal at the Dorothy Day House in Rochester. Serving is done by teams; the meal can be prepared in the DDH kitchen or made at home and brought in. Some have chosen to contribute by making a salad or dessert for the team to take along. If you would like to learn more about how you can be part of this rewarding ministry simply write DOROTHY DAY HOUSE on the back of your Connection Card and someone from the Missions & Evangelism board will be in touch with you to answer your questions. For I was hungry and you fed me.  (Jesus in Matthew 25)





28 Participants and 3 redshirt volunteers have signed up to head to Houston next summer! They will be spending the next several months fundraising and working together to prepare!  We need you.  This is the largest group we have taken on a mission in quite some time, and we will need a lot of support to get there.  Financial donations can be made at church in the regular offering,.  Online gifts can be done at, click on Support, then Give Online. It’s one thing to just send money to an organization; it’s even better when you know the people that will be serving!  Check out our Honey and other items at the new Produce Pantry at church.  Tell friends and neighbors or offer to bring them some! 100% of the proceeds go directly to mission support.  About the Trip…  Most people know of the destruction in the Houston area from Hurricane Harvey in September of 2017.  By far the biggest impact has been flood waters; the damage that floodwaters can do must be seen firsthand to be truly understood.  The effects are devastating and take a long time to completely overcome. By the summer of 2018, many of the residents of Houston will be tired, discouraged, overwhelmed, and hopeless. Our goal is to bring what light we can to each situation, whether it be cleaning up, removing debris, redoing drywall, or whatever else needs doing as we come alongside the people affected.  We will depart July 5, and return July 15. How do I sign up? You can sign up online at  




Goals & Purpose: 

ü  Continually introduce students to Jesus Christ and His Truths

ü  Provide a safe place where students and adults alike can experience the tangible love of God, and can feel like they belong.

ü  Provide opportunity for continual growth toward becoming Fully Alive in Christ!



On Wednesdays!  After school time, supper at 5:45 or so, then connecting time, worship, and breakouts for confirmation students, other youth, young adults, and other adults.  Everyone is welcome; we’re always looking for more adults to mentor alongside the youth of Rochester.












23: Community Open House (5:30-7p)



1: Science Fair (6:30-8:30p)

2-3: Conference Basketball 7/8 @ Silo

4: 5th grade Choir @ Grace Lutheran (9:00a)

14: Valentine’s Flower Sale fundraiser (Marine 
       Biology Trip)

16-18: Invitational BB Tourney @ RCLS

19: No School

22: Spelling Bee @ Holy Cross

23-25: State BB Tourney?

26-27: 8th grade Band UMD Festival


RCLS welcomes Preschool-Grade 8 families to Open House  

This Tuesday, January. 23 from 5:30-7:00p with an informational meeting at 5:45. Students and families find a grace-filled, Christ-centered community and education at RCLS, where foundational learning, individualized instruction, and whole-child education together serve as the cornerstone of the curriculum and instruction. RCLS's mission statement--Grounded in Grace, Formed in Faith, Committed to Learning for Life-- offers the guiding principles that shape our students, and a committed faculty counts it a privilege to partner with parents in shaping hearts and minds. Find more information about the school at Interested students and parents are invited to stop by the Open House and find out why parents and teachers agree: "Kids love it here!"




Helping People Become Fully Alive in Jesus!